Mid-Hudson Valley Wellesley Club President's Message

Get involved!

We look forward to having you involved in the Mid-Hudson Valley Wellesley Club!  Our Club covers a wide geographic region and has many members. We hope that many of you will not only attend events, but also get involved by recommending activities, and organizing some yourselves. We hold an annual fall potluck and a spring accepted students tea. Other activities we have done in the past include discussing an article at a lunch and tea event, baking and sending cookies to current Wellesley students of our region, wandering the grounds at Storm King Arts Center, and attending the Burning of Kingston event. We are always excited to hear your ideas and suggestions. Please email me at dvorad@hotmail.com with suggestions and to volunteer to help. This could include organizing an event and/or holding a postion on our Board. We look forward to seeing you soon!